[Fri 1 Feb, 08:22]
PST (Gumly Gumly -17)

The German Foreign Ministry has issued a travel warning to German tourists thinking of going to Cuba: WATCH OUT FOR CRIME! The government warning gives notice of an upsurge of violent crime in Cuba directed at tourists. It says the crime is concentrated in poor neighborhoods, but except for a few "golden ghettos" maintained for tourists, the whole damn country is a poor neighborhood! You have been warned!!!


[Fri 1 Feb, 08:24]
PST (Gumly Gumly -17)
1. web site address

Could you provide a website address for the information you provided above?


[Fri 1 Feb, 08:37]
PST (Gumly Gumly -17)
2. Cuba

HA ha trollllllllll!


[Fri 1 Feb, 08:42]
PST (Gumly Gumly -17)
3. warnings or not

If this info is bogus then it is harmful.
IT means future real warnings posted here will be ignored.

Best to post website reference when providing this type of information.


[Fri 1 Feb, 09:19]
PST (Gumly Gumly -17)
4. A troll

I checked the website. No travel warnings about Cuba!

ay ay jimmy

[Fri 1 Feb, 09:20]
PST (Gumly Gumly -17)
5. sure there is

guten tag.
there seems to be a gang out on the highway that recently killed 5 american tourists and stole their possesions. i was driving there on the same highway and it could easily have been me. don't stop for anyone. if the police chase you in a car then good for them. funny thing is that they knifed the 2 kids and shot the 3 adults with 'police' issue rifles. intriguing.


[Fri 1 Feb, 10:15]
PST (Gumly Gumly -17)
6. Link to German Warning

The Mexican news agency Notimex filed a story on the travel warning issued by the German government. For details, go to the current news section of "La Nueva Cuba" ( It takes a while to load.


[Fri 1 Feb, 11:36]
PST (Gumly Gumly -17)
7. Foreign Ministry

Link to the homepage of the german foreign Ministry (Cuban safety page):­laender_ausgabe_html?land_id=89&type_id=4

Nothing special! Just the usual warnings about going to poor areas or military zones!


[Fri 1 Feb, 11:40]
PST (Gumly Gumly -17)
8. the link for german speaking TTer­­d_id=89&type_id=4

Nothing special: take no photos of rotten houses and long queues, locals can become aggressive.

I am Cdn

[Fri 1 Feb, 12:20]
PST (Gumly Gumly -17)
9. Travel Warning

Just returned Monday from 2 weeks in Cuba. One week was spent in Havana. During that week my spouse and I walked through all areas of the city, including some very run down sections. We strolled in Vedado at night, and walked the Malecon. Aside from the constant hustlers, we felt perfectly comfortable.
There is crime everywhere, personally I think Cuba is a very safe destination.


[Fri 1 Feb, 12:49]
PST (Gumly Gumly -17)
10. safe

Yes, it is a safe travel destination because it is a police state where the authorities have the population under heavy oontrol. Notice all those police looking at Cuban's id's and checking it out with their walkie-talkies ? One Cuban friend says his personal record is the day he got stopped 20 times by the police for i.d. checks in Havana. Normal days he gets stopped once or twice. Ordinary Cubans pay a big price for the tourist's sense of security.


[Fri 1 Feb, 13:23]
PST (Gumly Gumly -17)
11. Canadian Foreign Affairs Dept. says...

"There are no serious security or safety concerns."

"Attacks on tourists have decreased, but violent crime remains a serious concern. Criminals have demonstrated that they will use violence with little or no provocation. Many attacks have occurred in the Miami area, and others have taken place on rural roads and at interstate highway rest areas."

"Violent crime and petty theft are a concern, particularly in Kingston. Gang-related violence occurs and can result in deaths, injuries, and destruction of property."

"Caution and prudence should be exercised at all times while travelling throughout the country. Random shootings involving Canadians have occurred. Other crimes occur, including armed robbery, assault, purse snatching and pickpocketing. Travellers should be careful when accepting food or drink from strangers, as there have been cases of drugging followed by robbery and assault. Avoid walking after dusk. Kidnappings also occur, although foreigners are not specifically targeted."

­­Enjoy your trip to Cuba!


Mr M'kay

[Fri 1 Feb, 14:45]
PST (Gumly Gumly -17)
12. Violent Crime

there has been a vast increase in violent crime in Cuba.
It rarely gets publicized by the national press. So go ahead ignore sound advice and your friends and family will see you back home in a box (if your lucky). Don't be ignorant and foolish. Cubans are poor and desperate and will rob and maybe kill you.


[Fri 1 Feb, 17:51]
PST (Gumly Gumly -17)
13. strange

how five cubans (only two of whom lived in america) are now "5 american tourists" !!!!


[Fri 1 Feb, 18:15]
PST (Gumly Gumly -17)
14. not so strange

the "independent libraries" aren't, and epidemic West Nile and lethal shark attacks are really Florida's problem, not Cuba's.

But the TRUTH won't prevent Miami groups funded by the US govt from relentlessly carrying out their anticuban internet agit-prop, will it?


[Sat 2 Feb, 02:02]
PST (Gumly Gumly -17)
15. Miami mafia

Mentiroso, mentiroso!

The Germans state at the named address:

Das Auswärtige Amt sieht keinen Anlass von Reisen nach Kuba abzuraten.

Translation: The foreign office sees no reason to dissuade from travelling to Cuba.


[Sat 2 Feb, 03:14]
PST (Gumly Gumly -17)
16. crimes

I happened to smoke cocain (I was not searching for that, I can assure you) and I wandered around in poor suburbs with the family of my cocain dealer and I felt VERY SAFE.


[Sat 2 Feb, 08:53]
PST (Gumly Gumly -17)
17. Cuba is SAFE?

If it is safe, then why did the Germans issue a warning to tourists telling them to beware of the current crime wave in Cuba? Mein Gott, tell it to all the mugged and dead tourists.


[Sat 2 Feb, 09:03]
PST (Gumly Gumly -17)
18. smoked cocaine

in Cuba?

Smart, real smart.


[Sat 2 Feb, 11:50]
PST (Gumly Gumly -17)
19. What is Truth

I am Gerhardt from Munchen. I plan to go to Havannah. But now I dont know, with all that crime in Kuba. I hear Dominican Republik is more safe, yes? At least they not cover up crime statistics like in Kuba and old DDR.


[Sat 2 Feb, 15:24]
PST (Gumly Gumly -17)
20. SFO

I'm not sure how you are defining an ordinary Cuban, but very few Cubans get stopped and checked for id once or twice a day. There are after all almost 2 million people who live in and around Habana. If a Cuban is stopped frequently by the police there is usually a reason, even in a police state.


[Sat 2 Feb, 18:46]
PST (Gumly Gumly -17)
21. Gerhardt the Fart

is rEAlly Gracie in Lederhosen


[Sun 3 Feb, 03:02]
PST (Gumly Gumly -17)
22. to Gerhardt from Munich

I was 28 times to Cuba. Cuba is one of the safest places on earth - a heaven compared to many places of the US. There is only one bandito who does not allow any other bandito to exist - and he protects you.

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