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Cuba from the US - (7 replies)

Do non-US citizens have to follow the same procedures when flying from the US? Has anyone been hassled on their return?


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1. um

it don't matter who you are... you cannot fly from the US unless issuied a US government permit to go. so you too must go from canada or mexico, only you won't be doing anything illegal like we have to. but if you want to re-enter the US you must still make sure your passport is NOT stamped. theyc an really hassle you or not let you back in.


[Thu 23 May, 08:43]
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2. If you are not

a US resident alien then I wouldn't worry too much about stamps. I have a page full and the most scrutiny I've had is "what were you there for". Last time was at the end of March. With Emperor Bush's latest addition of Cuba to the "Axis of Evil", things may have changed now.


[Thu 23 May, 10:09]
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3. yes

. . .in that you must fly via a third country.


[Thu 23 May, 10:32]
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4. Sonney

Buying a ticket on these flights is restricted by meeting the qualifications for US-Cuba Travel.

If you are not married to a Cuban, then you must seek permission from OFAC. I doubt seriously that a foreigner would qualify for the direct flights, but you can always try.

Whay not just fly via Canada/Jamaica/Bahamas/Mexico. There are a multitude of ways to get there, especially for a non-US citizen.


[Thu 23 May, 11:26]
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5. Greslogo ...

... is right - I have more than fifty Cuban stamps in my (British) passport & have never been asked about them once when entering the U.S.


[Thu 23 May, 11:30]
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6. PS

Not sure things have changed after Bush's addition of Cuba to the Axis of Evil though - no problems entering the U.S. last Friday (17th) & I also have Yemeni stamps in my passport.


[Thu 23 May, 17:14]
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7. !

As a foreigner you have nothing to worry about. You can travel to the US as often as you like, even if you have Cuba stamps in your passport.

You cannot take any of the US-HAVANA direct flights though. These are reserved for "special" people such as the Cuban Americans, journalists and other AMERICAN licensed travellers. In any case, those direct flights are expensive. I have people who qualify for them but fly via Canada rather than New York. It's cheaper and there are less hassles.

Carlson Wagonlit

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