[Wed 1 May, 17:10]
PST (Gumly Gumly -17)
Going by Boat - (4 replies)

We're desparately trying to find a way to get out of Cuba and onto Jamaica by boat but not having much luck. Any ideas would be appreciated, cos if the only alternative is getting on a $US 1500 a week cruiser, I'm swimming.


[Wed 1 May, 18:00]
PST (Gumly Gumly -17)
1. Fly, take a plane, whatever.

Why so desperate - the Negril West End Reggae Festival already happened ... in March?

...and the Reggae SunFest is in late July 2002!

You have plenty of time to arrange your flights, but I suggest you re-examine your itinerary. Two+ months in Cuba? Plenty of time to book ...

"El Torro"

[Wed 1 May, 19:17]
PST (Gumly Gumly -17)
2. Thanks Armand

We're not in a huge rush but we're leaving home country soon and want to hook it up before we leave. If not by boat, how much does the plane cost - any ideas?


[Wed 1 May, 19:19]
PST (Gumly Gumly -17)
3. Adjf

I would guess you will have no luck. What's the problem with paying $300 for a flight? How are you planning to enter Cuba without a return or outbound ticket by the way?


[Wed 1 May, 19:32]
PST (Gumly Gumly -17)
4. No worries

Coz I got an ongoing flight from Jamaica mon.

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