[Wed 1 May, 09:36]
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Mail within Cuba - (5 replies)

Does anyone know if the mail system within Cuba is reliable? A friend who is going would mail a package for me from Habana to Santa Clara, but I'm not sure about the reliability of the mail inside the country. Thanks.


[Wed 1 May, 10:06]
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1. Mail

Not very reliable.


[Wed 1 May, 10:45]
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2. Only mailed one letter

from Cienfegos to Havana. Took 4 weeks to get to Havana and 1 week within Havana. Total 5 weeks.


[Wed 1 May, 14:56]
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3. correos Cubano

I already posted that it took months for one of my postcards to go about 65 miles in Cuba. Also, I introduced my Cuban friends from Guantanamo to Cuban friends in Havana. Each has sent the other a package as a present and neither one has been received. It is now 4 months and counting!


[Thu 2 May, 16:26]
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4. mail

I mailed a dictionary from a mile from Dorval Airport in Montreal 4/2 to Playa Larga-near Zapata Swamp, I was told by a second hand party that it arrived around 4/20. I have no way of verifying whether this is true.


[Thu 2 May, 18:29]
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5. Dont rely on it.

I wouldnt count on it, especially if you hope to recieve it during your time there.

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