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What are the Basic Living Costs? - (9 replies)

Hello everyone-

I was told that Cuba was a cheap place to travel, but the more I research, the more it seems this isn't true.

I also can't seem to find any youth hostels, only hotels - do youth hostels exist? What is the cheapest form of accomodation?

Also what about food? How much is a loaf of bread? A bottle of bacardi? Those seem pretty universal ways of understanding prices?

Any help given would be appreciated


[Thu 9 May, 00:04]
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1. Its relative

If you are a student its not. other wise yes.
Youth hostels -no. casas -yes

Bread cheap
Bacardi- they are NOT Cuban and wrote the US laws against Cuba,

Don't go - you need to grow up first.


[Thu 9 May, 00:41]
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2. Costs

You need to do LOTS of reading, Cuba has a dual economy, which means it is not a cheap place for visitors, everything is Gov't controlled/licensed. The last thing you do in Cuba is to ask for Bacardi!!!they have exploited Cuba


[Thu 9 May, 06:25]
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3. Cuban Rum?

I was in Cuba twice, beautiful country! However indeed still controlled by government. Local people kiss almost your feet when you give them things like soap, clothes,... But very friendly people, but watch out because they are not stupid and start to know the value of money. If you remain on local paths, it is rather cheap for Western standards. The best is having a Cuban guide or somebody who can introduce you to local people. We visited with a group and sometimes were offered coffee, food,... for no expense at all.
For Cuban Rum (NO bacardi, but Havana Club!!!) You have for the youngest rum about 6 for a bottle.
If prefer 5* all inclusive hotels, you have everything you want but you have to pay for it, and remember, USA is bad for everyting execpt for cash dollars! Have fun and good luck.


[Thu 9 May, 10:19]
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4. Cuba cheap?

Cuba can be very cheap if you ane not in tourist areas. Nice camp site cabins rent for US$ 12/day and includes breakfast. Long stays are cheaper. You can eat on peso food for less than US$2/day. Loco local rum US$1/bottle.


[Thu 9 May, 10:29]
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5. It still . . .

seems cheap if you are coming from somewhere like the UK.


[Thu 9 May, 17:54]
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6. What is cheap? What do you mean?

I am baffled: what do you consider cheap?

I mean, to find CHEAP (really cheap!) anywhere, you must be resourceful, have a connection, speak the language, have real travel experience (i.e. know how to research 'marginal travel') etcetera etcetera...

Since others pointed out that the OP is not even close to that, what is meant by "cheap": where have you traveled and HOW did you manage, for less than $25./day?

I don't think Cuba is 'cheap' - but I'm very happy in a tidy, secure, bed& breakfast single room w/ac & tv (to watch Fidel!) in Havana for USD$20. night. Excellent meals (solo) in paladars for $20. The Cuban Aduana has a regulation that any tourist must have $50/day expenses; the 'cheapskates' expecting to enjoy a holiday for much much less are lucky that's not enforced.

I want to know where "cheap" really is (for some first-timer): hell the youth hostel charges (for bed in a dorm room) here in Boston USD$40./night!!!

For the tourist's Caribbean, Cuba is DEFINITELY inexpensive - and cheap for the experienced can be done - but where's REAL TRAVEL and accomodations so much cheaper & comparable for someone 'without a clue'?

Save your money, it sounds like you really cannot afford a Cuba vacation at this point in your life. That's not negative, its just reality.

I've read that one can actually travel and enjoy a vacation in Iran for $120./week. I'm almost tempted to book: that's still about $20./day tho - IF true! I've traveled four other Arab & Mid-East nations - I didnt find it difficult. NEVER SAW ANOTHER AMERICAN tho ...

"El Torro"

[Thu 9 May, 19:08]
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7. the price of rum

The commercial stuff - sold to tourists - ranges from $10 for Havana Club 7yr (good stuff) down to less than half that for cheaper stuff.

Local gutrot is even cheaper.


[Sat 11 May, 08:11]
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8. be safe

You will need a minimum of $50. American a day. You can get by on $34,50 a day but you need a "cushion."


[Tue 14 May, 07:05]
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9. more

you do need to research. you can get on the peso trail and buy food and transport at one twentieth tourist price but you need to be savvy and know spanish and you rent rooms not hotels, with familes. the houses that rent rooms have blue triangles on them. they go from $12-25 a night so with a partner you save $$$. do research on the duel economy. cuba is amazing but you msut do your best to figure out how it works and not offend anyone (bicardi rum? come on)


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