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Woman traveling alone Cuba - (3 replies)

I'm researching a trip to Cuba for July. Just wondering how safe it is for a 27 yr old woman Indian-American (no idea if that makes a difference or not! i doubt it though) woman to be travelling alone for 2 weeks. Are some areas safer than others? What about housing or going out at night?

I'd love to do this trip, but want to make sure I can do it safely. Thanks!


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1. Cuba

Cuba is really very safe. Lots of police looking out for tourists. I have traveled alone in cuba alot. I just would not walk at night in habana vieja and always keep money and cameras close ro your chest. I carry a walking stick too. to see cuba check my website www.wolfcalls.com


[Wed 1 May, 23:59]
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2. Cuba

I don't care where you are from - Cuba is safer than that.

The one good thing about communisum= is "LOTS of police" and stiff penalties.


[Thu 2 May, 05:23]
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3. Cuba

Cuba is probably the safest place I have ever visited. I travelled through Cuba for 3 weeks as a solo female traveller last February and loved it. There are lots of police and many kind people who will warn you if there are any slightly more dangerous areas than others. Its much safer than where I live in England and I felt safe and comfortable at all times. People will try and fleece you for money in the tourist areas but they are pretty up front about it. Avoid the really touristy areas or you will end up being danced into a bar and will have to fend off the advances of numerous opportunist men who just want a companion with money!..believe me you have to say no thanks and make you exit as politely as possible or you will be there all night. Try your best to stay in Casa Particulars...a good family home is cool to chill in and get to know the locals plus they are quite reasonable....if you need any recommendations of places to stay let me know...I stayed in quite a few nice homes along the way...have a great time..trishx

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