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cuba recommended for low budget? - (6 replies)

We have only 2 weeks this summer and want to go somewhere adventurous. We have been to too many Latin American countries and would like something different. Have gone to Peru and Bolivia. Looking for suggestions? Equador? How about Cuba? Our pocket book is very limited - couple in their 50's plus 2 adult children with lots of backpacking experience . How about some suggestions? NHtraveller


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1. NH

I wouldn't call Cuba a cheap adventurous backpacking destination although it has a lot to offer (beaches, some hiking, nightlife, culture, friendly folks.) The average budget is $40-50/day and that's if you're being thrifty, although it might be cheaper since you will probably be sharing accomodations (as casa particulares charge by the room, not by person.)


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2. Well maybe somewhere else?

Cuba is 'Latin American,' also.

More importantly, 2 weeks in (CUBA) summer will be ROASTING HOT, for someone used to NH's clime, and with backpacks! Cuba's not dirt cheap (as are Peru & Bolivia &Ecuador), but splitting cost makes the 20.-50. (4 people) night's accomodation feasible. I really dont think Cuba is that inexpensive, but it almost certainly is for the Caribbean.

How cheap is Argentina, by contrast? That would be a memorable vacation for frugal Yankees: anyone for witnessing first-hand "a failure of capitalism"?

"El Torro"

[Tue 30 Apr, 00:11]
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3. Cuba

Cuba is expensive because the costs of things do not reflect the real cost of living. Prices are artificially inflated and maintained by the Cuban government for the tourist. Some prices are down right ridiculous. It's as if they think money grows on trees for us in North America.

Therefore, it is difficult to break away from the overpricing that awaits you at every corner unless you "go underground". Might be difficult to do so as a family in Havana, but possible in the real countryside.

Carlson Wagonlit

[Tue 30 Apr, 07:54]
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4. Prices

Agree with above but most of these folks are talking about Havana where everything is totally priced in dollars. a room in a casa is about $20 - but can be shared. Food etc in Havana is also in dollars - about $10 day.

But if you get out to the cities outside Havana, casas are 15, and you can often buy food in markets or even CVuban restaurants in pesos.

a single person travelling alone could do it on $40-50/day watching expenses. A group could cut costs a bit.

But read up before you go and read old posts


[Thu 2 May, 18:39]
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5. Cheap?

Cuba definitely isnt cheap - even if you budget. We spent double what we spent in Mexico for the same amount of time, and the same amount of travel. Well worth the trip though and every cent you spend.... Its my favorite place..


[Sun 12 May, 12:39]
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6. Cuba Varadero Vacation Tours

Club Kawama has one of the most convenient locations on Varadero Beach.
It is just to the left, after you cross the bridge into Varadero, on the Western End of the peninsula and a four or five minute walk from Varadero City which has 18,000 people and is spread out over 50 small blocks.

The Kawama resort is all inclusive and simply beautiful. It is spread out along the best beach area and it is just picture postcard perfect. The rooms are well furnished and exceptionally clean and the meals in the restaurants truly excellent. The staff are beyond friendly and courteous.
Varadero is a 20 kilometer sandbar, so if you end up in a hotel in the Eastern End of the peninsula you are really quite a distance from the City with its bars; restaurants and bazaars Taxis are quite expensive..
There are some great day trips for those who aren't into skydiving or (1) River Canimar (2) Bellamar Caves (3) Jungle Tour by Sea-Doo (4) scuba diving (5) submarine tour of reefs (6) day on a Catamaran to a secluded island (7) Havana of course and (4) the overnight trip to Trinidad and with the hike into the mountains and a swim in a natural mountain pool fed by springs from the cliffs, simply breathtaking.

Unless you are in Havana is is pretty much essential to stay in an all inclusive resort. Restaurants are spotty at best .... There are no 7/11's on the Corner.

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