[Wed 30 Jan, 09:12]
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CIGARS!!! - (6 replies)

OK, perhaps this is a common question, but i haven´t seen it.
a friend is planning to take some cigars to Mexico to sell (easier than going to the states, and the profit margin is high enough).
i was thinking about taking some to the states, but mexico sounds very tempting.

Does anyone have experience in doing this? how´s mexican customs? (He already has a connection in the country, and likewise has one here to for real cigars)

Any info greatly appreciated!


[Wed 30 Jan, 09:15]
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1. Mexico

allows only 1 box of cigars to be imported. If he wants to bring in more, he is going to have to find a way around that.


[Wed 30 Jan, 13:37]
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2. cigars

maybe he could put them in an anatomicaly suitible orifice


[Wed 30 Jan, 13:44]
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3. Mexico

has always specifically asked about cigars when arriving. They are pretty keen on catching guys with more than one box. I don't think you're buddy will get "rich" off one box.


[Thu 31 Jan, 12:27]
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4. cigars

they sell cuban cigars on indian reservations. REAL ONES!
im from san diego and they sell them out at Viejas. i think that they are only to be consumed on indian land though and if you take them off the indian land u'll suffer penalties.

but u can get them off the rez thou.

ay ay jimmy

[Thu 31 Jan, 18:34]
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5. hah hah

in canada you can take 2 boxes home
i prefer cohibas myself


[Thu 31 Jan, 20:08]
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6. In Canada

you can take back as many as you want. Just be prepared to pay the taxes on anything over 50 cigars.

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