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Illegal Casa Particular - (11 replies)

Hi Everyone,

I will arrive shortly & have some Q's, is there a problem if i STAY in an illegal Casa particular? Any recomendations?
Have taxi's meteors?
Is it better to stay in Old Habana, or Vedado or central to experience the nightlife?

Thanks in advance!


[Fri 7 Sep, 11:09]
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1. Havana

Illegal Casa Particular, VERY IMPORTANT: I don't know if you know this, but in order to go through immigration when you arrive in Havana, you must have filled out a visitors card (Tarjeta de visitante) where they ask you where you will be staying. DO NOT WRITE THE INFO OF THE ILLEGAL CASA ON THE FORM, OR YOU WILL GET THE CASA'S OWNER IN BIG, BIG TROUBLE. A lot of people stay in non-registered casas, but this info cannot be written on the form.
As for the area, Old Havana is where most of the action is, but Centro and Vedado are very nearby so they will work, too.
Have fun


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2. Casas and things

The illlegal casas are cheaper of course, no taxes are paid so they can afford to under-cut the legal places. But, I've known people be asked not to return to their rooms all day because the word was out on the street that inspectors were in the area, and for them (the tourists) not to return until around ten at night! All the legal places have a blue licence triangle on their door and an official guest book, so don't let anybody fool you into thinking that a place is legal when it isn't.
Taxis are another thing all together; Tourist taxis - legal, metered, air con. Pana taxis - legal, metered, open windows. Illegal taxis (anyone with a car) - windows held in place with fork or spoon, sound systems loud enough to be heard in Miami, may be asked if it's OK to drop you off around the corner from where you really want to go away from the gaze of the police!!!!!
Habana Vieja, Centro or Vedado.....? They all have their plus and minuses. What do you want? If you want just to walk around and have a few drinks then the bars in and around Calle Obispo are OK, but if you are looking for clubs, cinemas and hotel bars and patios then I think Vedado is the place, plus, I know some people that find Habana Vieja a little ''uncomfortable" at night, whereas Vedado seems to have a lighter side. One last thought, in Centro don't forget El Barrio Chino.... Los Tres Chinos is a great 'non tourist' spot around the corner from the the main tourist drag on Cuchillo de Zanja, good atmosphere. Go, and just enjoy yourself!!!


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3. I do not get it?

The only reason I can see to stay at an illegal casa, is if the owner is a friend of yours?

I do not think the savings would be that huge, because the casa owner would want some reward becuase he/she is looking over she shoulder always and risking a lot.


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4. illegal casa ?

and if you have a problem, you may not get much sympathy from the authorities

4th Wild Bill

[Fri 7 Sep, 14:40]
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5. my 2 cents...

#2 covers most of it: ,many of the posters here aren't thrilled with the REAL bottom level:

1. List Hotel Inglaterra on the tourist card.

2. Find a cheaper hotel (Lido, New York); OR an illegal casa: I've never had problems with them.

3. Centro Habana will get you a cheap casa, a real neighborhood, and walking distance to both Old Havana and Vedado.

4. Hire a private taxi; yes, they DO look as if hit by meteors.


[Fri 7 Sep, 16:03]
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6. Around Inglaterra Hotel best

Find a casa Particular near Inglaterra Hotel it is best location for walking. If you want to post an address I can give you info on non registered casa cost $10. Legal casa $20/$30.


[Fri 7 Sep, 17:47]
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7. Hotel Inglaterra?


Thanks so much for this info, where abouts is hotel Inglaterra, ie what part...central or old habana?

4th Wild Bill

[Sat 8 Sep, 01:00]
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8. Inglaterra..

1. Old Havana, across from Parque Centrale; ask the cab driver to take you there.

2. Then, stay elsewhere: too pricey..

3. BUT...DO have a drink outdoors. Great source of info: sooner or later, EVERYBODY--backpackers, putas, families, gov't offocials, tourist businessmen--passes thru the Inglaterra.


[Sat 8 Sep, 06:58]
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9. Los Tres Chinos?

What is Los Tres Chinos?


[Sat 8 Sep, 07:46]
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10. Los Tres Chinos

It's a Chinese restaurant opposite the Sociedad Lung Kong Cun Sol (the Chinese Social Club) in Dragones (the opposie end to the Portico Chino). A big favourite with Cubans, complete with wooden mugs for the beer.

Aussie Adam

[Sun 9 Sep, 22:17]
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11. Flip!!!

Wow, Cuba must be the only place where taxis have meteors! An extra terrestrial experience no doubt!

At least you made me smile!