[Tue 2 Oct, 12:16]
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Global Exchange - (12 replies)

Anyone used this organisation to travel/study in Cuba?

I'm considering taking one of their language or "reality" tours in December/January & I'm looking for some feedback regarding their trips.


[Tue 2 Oct, 12:51]
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1. Global Exchange: Ugh

GE claims to be a "human rights organization," yet they have nothing but praise for the systematic repression practiced by the world's last remaining totalitarian regimes. For example, GE claims to support independent trade unions in Mexico, but they are silent when the Cuban regime persecutes and jails any and all Cuban workers who form independent unions. GE's hypocritical silence speaks volumes. They are scum. Before signing up for a GE tour of Cuba, ask them why they are silent about the crimes of the Cuban dictator.


[Tue 2 Oct, 13:43]
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2. On the subject of hypocritical scum

Maimi cubans talk about "human rights," but harass, intimidate, threaten people they disagree with, as a matter of practice.

They also support terrorist organizations and groups that carry out bombings, sabotage, assasinations against people they disagree with.

Miami has a well-earned reputation as one of the most corrupt cities in the Western world, with everyone from cops selling drugs and planting evidence on targets, to a wife- beating mayor and others - cuban-americans- guilty of conspircay and racketeering.

They throw rocks at people who go to Los Van Van concerts. They call in bomb-threats - and sometimes carry out those threats.

For forty years they have schemed and conspired to make the lives of the cuban people living hell (to make things so bad, those very fascists will be welcomed home), often through subversive means. They have deep connections with the CIA and other shady elements : all of the Watergate burglars were Big of Pigs vets, some with mafia ties. Yep, it goes all the way back to Meyer Lansky and Batista, c.1958.

The US govt, trapped in the institutional confines of a failed Cold War doctrine - or at least stuck with the 'information' pushed by sociopaths like Otto Reich, has long funded the anticubans efforts : recently, Jesse Helms has earmarked $100 million dollars to destabilize Cuba through a variety of dubious and possibly illegal contributions to Miami front groups 'working' within Cuba (paid by the hostile US govt, and connected to the Miami terrorist groups) : just one of their projectos is the so-called "independent libraries." The activists of this effort - CANF and Directorio or USAID-connected - have long spammed this website, looking for patsies and ignorant 'tourist' mules to haul their propaganda and money to Cuba.

These anticuban groups - in the sworn opposition to the sovereign govt of Cuba - are analogous to bin Laden's friends and supporters in the Muslim world, running "charities" "humanitarian foundations" etc.

Of course, those groups are to be avoided, at all costs: the Cuban govt will treat you like a subversive foreign agent if you go to Cuba 'as a tourist' with intentions to support those anticuban groups.

Beware, their deceit is all over the internet, sometimes sounding harmless (like 'supporting a literacy project.') It's not, just like the bin Laden fronts. Steer clear of the anticubans, folks.

Global Exchange is one of many worthwhile groups that are law-abiding in both Cuba and the Unuited States, offering tours and a way to see what the anticubans are prohibiting: americans right to travel, learn and see for themselves.


[Tue 2 Oct, 15:46]
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3. I don't want to be mEAn, but...

Why didn't you answer the question? If Global Exchange supports independent trade unions in Mexico, then how can they, with a straight face, oppose them in Cuba? And if exiled Cubans are so terrible, then why have thousands of Cubans lost their lives - through drowning, thirst, and yes, even shark attacks - trying to escape their paradisical homeland on rafts to get to Miami? If I were you, I wouldn't want to be anywhere nEAr Havana when the country is liberated...


[Tue 2 Oct, 17:52]
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4. Global Exchange is a Pinko invention...

There always have been the suspicion that GE is a creation of die-hard local commies, extreme left journalists and other sickos who in complicity with Cuban government operatives devised the idea to channel American tourists and other type of help to the crumbling Dictatorship in Cuba after the collapse of the Evil Empire.
I don't think GE would ever move a finger to help the humiliated and suffering Cuban worker. They are on the side of their Torturer who as one of his first acts of government gave a six hours speech at the Worker's Palace in Havana to tell them that since this was "their" Revolution, the 40-48 hour work week in the defense of which so many labor leaders had died, would be phased out immediatelly "for the good of the people".
Since that day in 1959 and until today, Cuban workers must work Saturdays again, 'cause that's what the Commandante En Jefe wants. The 40-48 work week means that before the Revolution a Cuban worker would work 40 hours and get paid for 48 hours of work or no Saturday work.


[Tue 2 Oct, 23:44]
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5. Cojonudo/Gracie

Tell us more about Castro's sexy underwear.

dan snow

[Wed 3 Oct, 10:58]
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6. SmscDS

Global Exchange offers a number of programs that Americans can join in order to go to Cuba legally. Some years back, Global Exchange offered what was know as the "freedom to travel challenge". Hundreds of Americans signed up and went to Cuba in protest of the insane travel laws this country has imposed on the American citizens. I commend them for that.

Additionally, they sold stock to Americans, whereby, for $10 one could buy stock with Global Exchange to build a factory to produce soy milk for the Cuban children over 7 years of age that do not receive milk on a regular basis. How many other American can claim such a humane effort? Bless you Global Exchange. I bought stock.

Media Benjamin, director of Global Exchange, ran for the US Senate last election for the Greens Party and made a nominating speach for Ralph Nader. Whether one agrees with the Greens or not....that is the American way. Cubans vote too....about 97% go to the polls. No, it is not mandatory.

So let us be honest, I have opened businesses in 10 of Cuba's 14 provinces. In order to do that, one deals with the Cuban workers union. In my opinion, those people are far more powerful than Fidel Castro. They were tough, but delightful to work with.

Since someone mentioned Cubans working on Cuban is required to work more than an 8 hour day, 40 hour week unless he wants to. Believe me, I know, since I worked a lot with fishing guides. We fished early and late....took a break mid-day. We also worked on Saturday and Sundays, but never offered more than a 5 1/2 days per week of fishing. Any American who wanted to go to church on Sunday...was given the opportunity.

Didn't I read recently that the American people work more hours than the citizens of any democratic country.

Just a little information from one who had been to Cuba nearly 160 times, about 1600 days.

If one doesn't agree with what is going on in Cuba, you scream long and loud just like you do here. I have done it many times.....without one problem.


[Wed 3 Oct, 12:34]
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7. Hey, Dan Snow, Speaking of Hypocrisy...

Dan, you didn't comment either on why Global Exchange supports free trade unions in Mexico but opposes them in Cuba. So how do you standon this issue of principle? Also, you complain about U.S. restrictions on visiting one country, Cuba, but fail to comment on the Castro forbidding Cubans to visit ANY country, except with his benevolent permission. So how do you stand, Mr. Snowman?
P.S. If the Cuban "trade unions" you praise are so powerful, why have there been no strikes in Cuba for the last 42 years? Hmmm.... these questions just might make a feller think...

dan snow

[Wed 3 Oct, 14:22]
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8. SmscDS

Response to #7....It seems very strange to me that someone named anonymous would even post on a board like this. My question is why? What are you afraid of? My principle is to stand up for what you believe in or keep your mouth shut. I have never writtten an anonymous letter in my life. Global Exchange has every right to support what ever they want. Frankly, I know nothing about their stand on unions. I do know they care about the freedom to travel for Americans and have fought for it. I know they care about providing milk for Cuban children. That says a lot to me. If you care about Global Exchange and their policies regarding unions....ask them.

If you hate Fidel Castro....move to Cuba and fight like a man or an anonymous woman...which ever you are!

My concern is always for lost American rights not lost Cuban rights or Afghan rights, or anyone elses lost rights. If the Cubans don't like Fidel Castro....they can throw him out tonight. Very tough people. After spending 1600 days in one could ever convince me they can't do it. Sure a few might die....but isn't that the history of most Revolutions. Most that remain in Cuba are happy, those who weren't happy or who weren't willing to fight and die for what they believe in....have already left!

There are thousands of Cubans that travel to the United States every month. Planes fly to and from Miami just about every day, from New York on Fridays and LA on Saturdays.

Cuba once told me that the lady that works with me couldn't come to the Bahamas. I kept after them and she was given a passport and ticket to the Bahamas. It was nice!

My head hunting guide in Cuba came, my head scuba diving instructor in Cuba came. On other occasions, I have invited Cubans to the United States....they came and stayed in my home. Another time I invited about 30....they all came. No problems. Then, it was the US that wouldn't let them return when I asked again.

Why don't you ask Uncle Sam if you can go to Cuba? You could then ask the Cubans why they didn't go on strike against Dan Snow. I doubt that you will have the same kind of success I have had. Just ask and report back. Of course you can't use the name anonymous!

Unions....seems like I recall President Reagan firing all the air traffic controllers who went on strike against our government, while at the same time encouraging the workers in Poland to strike against their government. Now that is real hypocracy. The Union people that I worked with in both Cuba and Mexico....never went on strike. Why? I guess maybe they figured I wasn't trying to screw them. They were very happy! I have hired three former air traffic controllers....I thought they were great. They didn't have any problem working with the Cubans or the Mexicans. They loved worked both ways.

I agree, questions do sometimes make a feller think...


[Wed 3 Oct, 14:58]
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9. Hey Dan!

Sounds like you had one too many brainshrinking sessions with your shrink. Maybe the Feds should throw you back in the cooler until your attitude improves!

dan Snow

[Wed 3 Oct, 16:22]
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10. Shrink

Sorry, Anonymous.....never been to a shrink. On the other hand, there is nothing I would like better than another fight with the FEDS and another opportunity to win back the "freedom to travel" for Americans who care. If I win....we will be as free as the Canadians, Europeans, Mexicans and even the Russians. They all enjoy "unrestricted" travel rights in times of peace. We Americans rank last in the free world when it comes to travel rights. I think the tide has now turned against those who believe in "sanctions" which never once worked and never will. We have them against about 75 different countries. No wonder the people around the world don't like us. Why don't you suggest it. Sounds to me like you have no clue what the real meaning of freedom should be. They would probably want your I guess that would leave you out. Anonymous just won't do it!

4th Wild Bill

[Wed 3 Oct, 20:05]
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11. Right on, dan Snow

Re the travel ban:
It isn't what it does to Cubans, to Miami people, to Canadians:
It's what it does to US.

1. George announced in Chicago that we should be "free to travel"
2. Yet our own BIG GOVERNMENT's policy is to (effectively) deny us INDIVIDUALS the personal freedom to travel to Cuba--where WE want.
Not very TEXAN.
3. That's not even counting the policies of that same gov't that make it dangerous for us to travel to the ME.

"free to travel"?!#!?
Thanks a bunch, son.

George, you were an EXCELLENT Gov.--EXCELLENT.
And we all know you're doing your BEST as Pres.
But when it's all over--maybe DON'T think about becoming a TRAVEL AGENT: tours to Kerrville, to Rangers' games, etc.


[Wed 3 Oct, 21:49]
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12. how was the trip?

I don't care about ge's politics, how was the trip?