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Transport in Cuba - (4 replies)

I will be in Havana until 9/10th Sept and want to travel to Santiago de Cuba - What is the best and most reliable way.
I hear the Busses are good but the prices look expensive $ 50 one way or is that return.

What are the timetables like for weekends.

Also any tips on what to do in SdC for 1 week apart from the city would be appreciated.



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1. Santiago de Cuba

Buses to Santiago de Cuba leave twice a day from La Habana, week and weekend. It is 51 USD one way and quite expensive indeed, but a very reliable transport. Timetables on www.viazul.cu. The plane is 100 USD one way.
When you are in SdC, you can visit El Cobre, home of La Virgencita de la Caridad, patron saint of Cuba. It is a very beautiful place.
Visit Cayo Granma, the little island in the bay of SdC. Go there at sunset, the atmosphere is magical. You could stay the night there too, there are some casas, or you could eat in a paladar.
If you have some spare days, you could go to the Sierra Maestra and do some hiking there. Nature is splendid and the hiking very rewarding because views are great and you 'll see many birds and a large variety of flowers, etc.
Travelogues, pictures and information on casas, transport, hiking in Sierra Maestra, etc. on http://users.belgacom.net/tucan
Have a great trip!

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2. S

It's a Looong haul


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3. train

Go with the train, it's a lot cheaper (20 $ more or less for foreigners) and reliable as well.(and more interesting than the busses as well)

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4. SdeC

Visit El Morro fort at harbour entrance, there is a ceremony every day at sunset, get there couple of hours before, look around fort, then watch ceremony,
Also, Granja Siboney, Gran Piedra, Valle de la Prehistoria, beaches, Casa de la Trova. Plenty to do around Stgo