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doctors in cuba - (7 replies)

my friend and i are travelling to cuba during september. as we are both doctors, we are interested in attempting to visit some of the health care institutions/hospitals in cuba.

as such, i wondered if anyone knew of a casa particular in havana where there is a doctor in residence. we thought perhaps this might enable informal access or help us make some connections.

any suggestions, ideas or recommendations would be much appreciated.



[Sun 12 Aug, 21:37]
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1. Wanted: M.D.. Must have air-conditioned car

Why must this physician also have to be the proprietor of a guest house? Doesn't track, Jack.

Are you two scamps lookin' to freeload?

Would you also care to meet an M.D. who just happens to work in the Cohiba factory? (Just to enable informal access or help you make some connections, of course.)


[Sun 12 Aug, 22:20]
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2. doctor's casa

Hello, if you look in the Lonely Planet book, throughout the listings of casa particulars of the different cities I have seen casas owned by doctors. The phone numbers are there for the casas. Hope this helps a bit.


[Mon 13 Aug, 00:56]
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3. Casa

Someof the casas listed here specify the owner is a doctor:

If you get to Santiago visit the "Colonia Espaņol" childrens hospital and the "Clinica de Los Angeles";

Note that you will not be allowed to take any pictures.


[Mon 13 Aug, 04:35]
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4. son is doc
guanabo (playa del este, near havana)

donations for a school in santiago

[Mon 13 Aug, 05:09]
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5. Email me ... for the name of a doctor we stayed with in Habana Vieja a couple of years ago (not a legal casa is why I won't post it here).


[Mon 13 Aug, 07:29]
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6. Cuba

While I was in Cuba earlier this year, I met some medical students from Nigeria studying in Havana. One of them has since written asking if I could send medical magazines/journals in English as they have very limited materials there.

I would be very happy to pass along these contacts if you would care to bring some journals for them. E-mail me at please. They would be so appreciative, and could be very helpful to you in Havana. Thanks, Val


[Mon 13 Aug, 07:53]
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7. Casa Alina

If you can stand the early a.m. noise - one room looks out over Calle Infanta (no. 379?) - this doctor also has a casa particular. Quasi-efficiency appt (connected), two bedrooms w. large living room. (She is at work all day - brain surgeon?- but there are a variety of family members in and out all day. Her mother is usually around.) Very nice people, & excellent breakfasts! Also, centrally-located, but no a/c.