[Mon 20 May, 07:22]
PST (Gumly Gumly -17)
ferries from cuba to central america - (3 replies)

hi, I wonder if anybody knows a ferry going to cancun, belice etc from Cuba.(it looks interesting be able to see cuba and any other country in central america in the same trip. I want to judge for myself the cuban revolution) also i will need to get my bicycle in that ferry


[Mon 20 May, 08:13]
PST (Gumly Gumly -17)
1. Ferry

You can carry your bicycle on most flights to and from Cuba because the only way you are going to get to/from Cuba is by air. There are no ferries.


[Mon 20 May, 16:08]
PST (Gumly Gumly -17)
2. Cheers, Alta

Even Altahabana is getting sarcastic about this question--understandibly.

To OP: take that snorkeling equ't that you'll use in Belice, and swim.
Alternatively, reads old posts.


[Tue 21 May, 00:01]
PST (Gumly Gumly -17)
3. Ferry

no ferries out of the imprisoned island :)

someday maybe


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