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Internet Access in Cuba - (2 replies)

so, here's my brief summary after MUCH searching for cheap and reliable internet access in Cuba. Hours and costs are estimates only, this is just a rough guide.

I'll start with best to worst (in my opinion).

1. FIRST off, CITMATEL (damn, I hope that's what it's called) is near the Clinica Cira Garcia (the 'foreigner's hospital) in Playa (exact address unknown. It's difficult to find, ask at the Cira Garcia). It's above the banks of the Almendares River. The guy asked me to spread the word, as they've been there for nearly a year and no one knows about it, thus it's usually empty. $5/hr for very fast connection. Open 8am-8pm 7 days a week.

2. Hotel Havana Libre, Hotel Parque Central: Ok, they're expensive ($15/hr) but IF (big if) you get good connection (near DSL speed) you can do there in 15 minutes what would take you two hours at the Capitolio. Open 7 days until 9pm.

3. Hotel Melia Cohiba, Hotel Nacional all have over-priced internet access, but they're more limited and control (actual computer is controlled, so it's difficult to cut and paste from pre-written Word docs.) Price for all of these is $15/hr.

4. Camara de Comercio (Chamber of Commerce), on 21 between A and B, only $6/hr, but super slow connection, and only open 8am-3pm Monday-Friday.

5. Capitolio: between the super long lines and the super slow connection, this place really isn't worth it. You can easily spend 2 hrs there to write one email message. All the budget tourists show up here cause they don't know any better.

The Hotel Palco also has decent, resonably priced internet service, but it's pretty far out. Most luxury hotels will have something, but it'll be expensive.

If you have a computer and a phone, you can get an internet card from Etecsa (International Press House on La Rampa)- $15/5hrs. The best deal so far.

Hope this is of help!


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1. Internet

You don't need a computer or phone to use the ETESCA card in Cuba. In Habana there is an ETESCA on La Rampa with computer/internet access, and there are similar ETESCA offices or kiosks throughout all major cities in Cuba.
It is not high speed access.


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2. Sevilla Hotel $2 per 15 min.

The Sevilla Hotel on the Prado charges $2 per 15 min. The computers are located in the lobby and the lperson in charge is helpful so no lost time. It is available to non hotel guests. The hotel inground pool is also available to non guests for $5 per day but I prefer the National Hotel pool with no cover charge but there is a $20 per person minimum to be spent on food and drinks.

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