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studying spanish in cuba - (4 replies)

Any suggestions for studying Spanish in Cuba?

I am looking to enroll in a two or four week course anywhere in the country.

Any and all insights would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you


[Sun 19 Aug, 00:38]
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1. cuban spanish

Cuban Spanish is not well looked upon by other spanish speaking countries. I was shocked by the comments my CR guides had about Cuban spanish . I must admit, that while watching some Cuban broadcasting, I too found their spanish hard to understand. Is it caused by their isolation or african influences ? I would be interested in what a linguist's might say.


[Sun 19 Aug, 06:48]
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2. Spanish

Even so, it's not a problem to study Spanish there, although way more expensive than in Guatemala, for example, where Spanish schools litter the streets.

There have been many postings here on the subject, so if you use your browser or page through, you should find lots of info. Basically, the universities offer courses, usually starting every Monday morning, and for whatever level or length of time the student wants. Sorry I haven't got the URL address, but you'll find it.

#2 again

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3. Try this site

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4. try rancho luna

try looking up hotel rancho luna, cienfuegos. they have a student program. they were all 15-16 year old females from canada. their parents are crazy. the girls had a wonderfull time though.