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traveling with a Cubana - (6 replies)

Am I permitted to to take my novia (a Cubana) with me on bus services like Viazul or by plane when traveling within Cuba or are these services only available to tourists?


[Wed 8 May, 15:06]
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1. travelling

Regarding the bus, I believe Viazul is for tourists only but Astro is for locals with a few seats reserved for tourists. The tourist seats sell out fast (because they're cheaper) so you may not necessarily even end up on the same bus or sitting near each other. I believe the trains are available to both tourists and Cubans. When I took the Especial train, I noticed we were in a section with just tourists but when I took the Regular, we were sitting with locals. Just to warn you though, the Regular train is hell (dirty, hot, subject to frequent breakdowns.) Since the Especial is more expensive, I think locals just go on the Regular and just plan to take all day. I haven't traveled in the country by domestic plane but I believe there are Cuban prices and tourist prices so I think it's OK to both travel by plane. The one time I did travel with a Cuban, we (total of 4 people) hired a private car to drive us.


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2. Viazul

My seatmate on Viazul was a Cuban lawyer, so Cubans can travel if they've got the bucks. He said his firm had paid, otherwise he wouldn't have been able to afford it.


[Wed 8 May, 15:55]
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3. Cubans on Viazul

If they can pay the fare in dollars they can travel.


[Wed 8 May, 18:08]
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4. Viazul

#2 & #3 are correct...must pay in USD.


[Wed 8 May, 19:30]
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5. astro

how much cheaper is the Astro bus service? Is there a website I can go to check it out? For instance, traveling between Santiago and Barcao on Viazul is $15/person. How much would that be on Astro? Please cite examples for how much one has paid traveling between destinations.


[Thu 9 May, 06:37]
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6. Astro bus

Astro is not much cheaper than Viazul for tourists as you have to pay in dollars.

Havana - Trinidad, was $25 dollars on Viazul and $20 on Astro in April this year. The Astro was full to tourists on the day we wanted to go as the 4 seats available were booked.

As everyone else says - Cubans can defintely go on the Viazul bus.

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