[Wed 29 May, 11:21]
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a marriage in cuba - canadian couple - (4 replies)

i think this topic has been here before, but i don't know how to find it. a friend's daughter wants to be married in cuba, neither person beibg cuban. where can i look or what does it entail ? is it as difficult as everything else to accomplish ? they like palya giron. i assume cienfuegos is closest, not sure. i doubt it can be carried out in a small town. any help ?


[Wed 29 May, 15:08]
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1. Marriage

Both Sol Melia and Superclubs will do weddings. email each one for the latest details.


[Wed 29 May, 19:30]
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2. hi


"Tell Laura I Love Her"

[Fri 31 May, 16:30]
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3. Married in Cuba?

What's the significance...I've noticed three or four posts about this topic?


[Sat 1 Jun, 05:34]
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4. only the messenger

i guess they like cuba and lots of people seem to like the romance of being married in a tropical setting. no more, no less.

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