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Cuba - money - (3 replies)

I'v heard that since very recently it's possible to exchange AMEX travellercheques. Can anyone confim this?
Also it would be possible here and there to pay in EURO


[Tue 7 May, 08:47]
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1. money

You sure like pushing water uphill.

Anything is "possible"


[Tue 7 May, 09:22]
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2. Forget AMEX!!!!!!

I was down with an American several weeks ago and he spent half his time trying to cash his AMEX cheques. In Havana 1 out of every 8 - 10 places would cash them, but only at a killer commission. Outside of Havana (including Varadero) he couldn't find any place to accept them.

Why bother? Why the constant questions about AMEX cheques? What security do they provide? Even if you lost them you're not going to get them replaced...

Take cash. Use common sense. Zero problems or hassles...


PS As for the EURO, as far as I know it'll be accepted on a trial basis as street currency in June, but only in Varadero - that's the only test city.


[Thu 9 May, 14:37]
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3. Amex

The reason it's so difficult to change AMEX cheques in Cuba is not that the Cubans don't like them, the US treasury rules forbid American banks etc to have financial dealing with Cuba. So it means the Cubans can't get any dollars for the AMEX cheques - ie they are worthless. Those that do exchange them have to go through a lot of dealing with non -US banks to get the money - hence the high commision. If your are going, take cash in small denominations not higher than $20 preferably smaller. If you want to use a credit cards or take travellers cheques they would be better be for a non-US bank.
On the Euro I think they will exchange them, but don't know how it works. Cuba is a dual currency economy; dollars or pesos if your a tourist you pay in dollars.

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