[Wed 22 May, 16:05]
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~3 weeks in Cuba - (7 replies)

hi guys,

great forum!!!

I'll be in cuba for just under three weeks and i know there is just a plethora of things to see and do. what do you recommend considering the amount of time i have?

thanks all,
stay in good form!


[Wed 22 May, 17:20]
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1. Cuba

Check my website I have photos from around cuba and you might spot some place you like.


[Thu 23 May, 07:42]
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2. very brief

vinales: a must for the country

trinidad: stunning!

santiago: the musical capital

havana: maybe a week!

santa clara: if you are into revolutionary history

camaguey: if you want an interesting non-touristy city

that's a sample, make sure you get to at least santiago, trinidad, and vinales!!!!!


[Thu 23 May, 11:20]
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3. East of Santiago

My web page has photos of the area east of Santiago. <>


[Thu 23 May, 16:21]
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4. granma

i suggest going to santa clara trinidad and then on granma province and the sierra maestra. I just returned from 2 weeks and had no problem making it from havana to the above mentioned places mostly hitching rides.......but taking astro to manzanillo from havana and viazul back from santa clara to havana. by the way hiking up to pico turquino is possible from Villa Santo Domingo. I would call ahead to reserve a guide though. Have fun!


[Thu 23 May, 22:08]
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5. well...

if you accept jmack recomendation of one week in Havana and you want a tour guide that speaks english and have a car, then contact me at:
best wishes!


[Fri 24 May, 05:50]
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6. August?

Are you going there in August?


[Mon 27 May, 07:17]
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7. well...

...I just did 3 weeks in Cuba. I spent almost 2 weeks in Havana and the rest of the time in Trinidad and Vinales. Vinales is beautiful if you want to see the country side and Trinidad is lovely and has nice beaches. Havana is muy bonita. I just loved Havana.

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