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souveniers - (4 replies)

All right, at first I was committed to bringing NOTHING back from Cuba... but as my trip approaches, I can't help imagining taking at least a t-shirt or something....

What about the mailing a package from Mexico to the US? I will be staying in DF after I come back, can I just box up my souvenirs and send them home? I don't want cigars, or rum, or anything that might "smell" like Cuba...

Is this a big deal?


[Thu 30 May, 11:37]
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1. don't worry

what ever you bring back with you, you could have bought in Mexico, right? I spent 18 months in Venz. and bought several t shirts of cuba and El Che and posters of Fidel and necklaces and books published in Cuba, and a Cuban flag etc etc. so the only thing you have to say IF asked is that you bought these items in mexico... they can't prove differently. Although they may take the books away from you. Of course you should be careful about keeping things such as enterance tickets to museums and cuban money.... althought the Che coin could probably be purchased in Mexico too. the rum and the cigars are buyable in mexico but are a completely different story because they are controlled substances that you are supposed to claim..... so don't even try it! although you are really going to be tempted by the havana club!!!!!! i brought back a few airplane size bottles of it with me.... i couldn't resist.
have fun and don't worry so much..... go through an odd country like panama or peru then you will have no reason to worry at all!!!


[Thu 30 May, 12:14]
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2. Souveniers

Packages sent from Mexico to the US will probably have to clear US Customs when arriving in the US. I have no idea what that involves or how closely a package containing something as innocuous as t-shirts would be inspected.

Anything made in Cuba is subject to confiscation when you return to the US as an unlicensed traveller regardless of where it's purchased. Saying I bought it in Mexico may get you past some question about whether you have actually been to Cuba, but it won't save the souvenier if the Customs person wants to take it.


[Fri 31 May, 09:09]
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3. #1 is right

i had cuban souvenirts and my bag was searched- all ok except they took the cigar!. but the t-shirt I wore under another t-shirt just in case.


[Fri 31 May, 19:06]
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4. fly from TJ

With your location, can't you fly from Tijuana, and drive back over with the stuff?
By road is almost always the least likely way to attract attention.

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