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Hello, and welcome to CubaFAQ. This site is meant to be primarily a supplement to Lonely Planet's Thorn Tree on Cuba. Please note, this is a test run! Last year, I realized that LP needed a Frequently Asked Questions page, so I stepped up to the task. Unfortunately, after a few successful months, I left the country, and passed on webmaster powers to a new volunteer, and the FAQ was accidently deleted. But now I'm back, so where were we?

If you have any comments or suggestions, make them NOW, while I still have the motivation to do this! If you'd like to help, please let me know ASAP. Finally, I'm tempted to start including other people's personal memoires/travel experiences/hint, suggestiongs, etc. If you have something, send it to me (and if you want it up FAST, send it in HTML format). Email me at

General Questions Cuban Debates and Myths
Unique Scenerios US Politics, etc
Cuban Culture People to People Contact
Odds and Ends FAQ, page 2

A Few Disclaimers:

  • I'm doing this purely as a favor for all those interested in going to Cuba.
  • Nothing posted here is verified 100% Real, True or Factual, just some answers to common questions. No one is an expert and everyone's opinion as such.
  • I'm trying to limit the FAQ to "important"questions. Some of them change often and quickly (money, traveler's checks, US restrictions). I will attempt to update this site accordingly, but iIf you find information here that's obscenely outdate, oh well!
  • Common and trivial questions have been excluded, or questions that are too subjective (casa particulares and paladares) or those easily answered in a Cuba travel book.
  • For various reasons,most questions and replies are reproduced as is, with minimal editing. You have to learn the good from the bad.
  • If you can do a better job, Plese Do! I'll will include your link here.
  • Unfortunately I am yet willing to let you add more comments and contribute to this FAQ. If you think you have a good question that's not here, let me know. And although I hesitate to take additional responses, you may email me at for comments (word to Guzanos: keep it to yourself, I've heard it all before)

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FAQ Page 2 - CubaFAQ Sun 26 May, 11:36
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