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Welcome this site is meant to supplement Lonely Planet's Thorn Tree on Cuba. Please note, this is my test run! Last year, I realized that LP needed a Frequently Asked Questions page, so I stepped up to the task. Unfortunately, after a few successful months, I left the country, and passed on webmaster powers to a new volunteer, and the FAQ was accidently deleted. But I'm back, and the need is still there...

Luckily, not all is lost. I found these pages on my computer, remnants of the original. The questions are a bit more specific (and slightly dated), but serves as a general idea of what I'm working on.

If you'd like to help, please email me at

Thank you!

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  1. Are there any terrorist groups in Miami? RinconLindo Mon 3Sept, 11:36
  2. Ernesto Guevara PadawanDon Sun 12 Aug, 01:53
  3. Doctors in Cuba gez Sun 12 Aug, 21:08
  4. Global Exchange eurobuf Tue, 2 Oct, 12:56
  5. Starting a Business in Cuba Anonymous Wed 1 Aug, 08:56
  6. Study and Professional Exchange David Enger Wed 15 Aug, 12:58
  7. Traveling in Cuba with Cubans Anonymous Fri 7Sept, 08:56
  8. Vegetarian? Vegetable Wed 8 Aug, 11:32
  9. Tipping in Cuba Gordon Robinson Fri 10 Aug, 11:12
  10. Traveling to Santiago de Cuba Polmc Mon 20 Aug, 12:58
  11. Studying Spanish in Cuba howiebaby Sat 18 Aug, 16:53
  12. Old notes on the Travel Ban to Cuba Anonymous Mon 18 Aug, 12:58
  13. Staying in Illegal Casa Particular Taboo Fri 7 Sept, 10:20
  14. Cubans: Friend or Foe? Anonymous Mon 17 Sept, 06:36
  15. Dan Snow on the Freedom to Travel Dan Snow Sun 30 Sept, 17:52
  16. Stay Home or Kick Me, by Andy Rooney OldTraveller Mon 30 Jul, 02:22
  17. Thoughts on Sept 11, part A Anonymous Tues 11 Sept, 16:37
  18. Thoughts on Cuba's Reaction to 9/11 Tadeusz Weds 12 Sept 01:22
  19. Request for first-hand details of US surveillance Anonymous Thurs 6 Sept, 12:13


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